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We’ve been a customer of Optum for almost 12 years. I’ve been an Optum customer for about four and a half years now. This is our second year. I’m new to Optum a year ago. We chose Optum for cost and scope and breadth of service. Implementation was tremendous. We have been with several other pharmacy benefits managers over the last 20 years, this was a no brainer, we’re in. My overall relationship with Optum has always been exceptional. What makes OptumRx special is Optum’s ability to be adaptive to my needs. They are acutely aware of some of the nuances of my organization and what I need. They customize programs for us and for the
company, they work endlessly to do whatever it is we need to meet our needs for our participants and our financial bottom line. It’s been such a fabulous relationship and so
hands-on, I would never even consider looking elsewhere. Our account team is just the best. Any issues, problems we have, they’re resolved right away. I think from a greater perspective, we stay with Optum because of the innovation, the new programs, the new way of looking at things. They really help us to understand where health care is going and how we can adjust to fit the new future. One of the main reasons that we chose Optum is cost. They saved us millions of dollars. What keeps us there is the fact that they’re proactive – I don’t have to ask for reports, they’re given to me on a quarterly basis and they take the time to review that information with me and to suggest changes to the pharmacy program that I might not have thought of. It’s a genuine partnership. It’s a genuine partnership. They cared for us, for our people, for our
teams, period.


We work hard to meet and exceed the needs of our clients and members.  Here, our clients share their experience of partnering with OptumRx for their pharmacy care services.