With powerful data and analytics guiding our efforts, Optum is joining with care providers and others to prevent opioid misuse and addiction. We guide individuals to tailored treatment and provide recovery support to those already impacted.

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Prevent misuse and addiction


An important part of treatment for some medical conditions, opioids come with a high risk of dependence. Through multiple channels and touch points, we help ensure safe and appropriate opioid use right from the start.

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Treat those addicted


A complex, chronic medical condition, opioid use disorder requires individualized treatment. With data insights pointing the way, we help guide individuals into effective treatment that’s right for them.


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Support long-term recovery


Like other chronic conditions, recovery from opioid addiction requires different levels and types of support over a lifetime. We put the pieces in place to help individuals sustain recovery and avoid relapse.

How Optum is addressing the crisis


Engagement, smart prescribing and ongoing monitoring reinforce opioid safety and prevention.

Optum Behavioral Health

Guide those at risk or suffering from opioid use disorder to evidence-based treatment and support.


Data-driven metrics help inform and guide meaningful actions for better prevention and treatment.


Strengthen local care delivery systems to support individual recovery across your local community.