Optum Compliance Suite

A technology-enabled platform to integrate and centralize all compliance processes.

Most health care organizations must manage a variety of decentralized compliance initiatives in clinical, regulatory and financial areas. Examples of these initiatives include the safety and use of protected health information (PHI), sharing of data with other providers, coding audit initiatives and internal risk management activities. These complex compliance initiatives require automation and continuous monitoring to ensure that challenges are addressed quickly.

The Optum™ Compliance Suite delivers on the promise of a single and centralized view of compliance management across the provider organization. Built on a flexible platform architecture, the Optum solution enables health care organizations to minimize risk by putting an effective program in place and providing a consolidated view of risk and compliance.

The Optum Compliance Suite provides an automated, integrated and unified approach to streamline and facilitate all tasks involved in a provider’s compliance organization. The Optum technology-enabled approach to compliance allows your organization to assess, manage and monitor compliance across the enterprise, covering a variety of business functions.

Centralize your compliance program using a modular, automated tool.

The Optum Compliance Suite empowers providers to manage compliance challenges efficiently. This one solution allows your organization to:

  • Manage all compliance activities with one technology application.
  • Monitor key compliance indicators in real-time, protect patient information and minimize privacy and security risks.
  • Reduce compliance costs through a software as a service (SaaS) compliance offering.
  • Increase compliance preparedness.
Flexible platform and SaaS-based modules to manage multiple compliance initiatives.

The Optum Compliance Suite is a platform that can be configured to manage multiple compliance initiatives in clinical, regulatory and financial functions. The flexible platform allows health care organizations to configure and use the system to manage compliance related to clinical, regulatory and financial functions. The platform can be configured to address several compliance needs including:

  • HIPAA Privacy and Security assessment and PHI access monitoring for breach prevention
  • Hospital compliance program effectiveness and risk management
  • Claims and coding audit support
  • Internal, external and vendor compliance audits

The Optum Compliance Suite solution includes six modules delivered through a cloud-based platform. The solution enables compliance officers and staff to manage various compliance activities across the organization, including risk assessment, audit management and corrective action plans.


  • Plan, assign, manage and track corrective actions that mitigate gaps between requirements and organization compliance posture.


  • Plan internal/mock audits; prepare for external audits.
  • Automate collection, validation of all audit data.
  • Enable access to external auditors to review compliance status.


  • Increase staff knowledge of compliance management with continuous, regular online training.


  • Guided, web-based assessment tool 
  • Central documents repository
  • Dashboard-powered decisions


  • Automate privacy, security and other incident identification.
  • Manage issues/incidents throughout their lifecycle.
  • Monitor third-party vendor risks, compliance.


  • Create, submit, store and manage periodic reports for executives, regulatory authorities.

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