Practice Management

Maximize your efficiency standards.

Optum™ Practice Management is a sophisticated practice management system that automates time-consuming administrative tasks to maximize accuracy and efficiency. It is designed to enable physician practices and community health centers achieve greater efficiency by streamlining day-to-day operations.

With built-in workflow rules, user alerts and real-time reporting functionality, Optum Practice Management delivers the flexibility needed to manage administrative issues before they become problems so you get the right reimbursement, right on time. Practice Management offers:

  • Powerful embedded claims editing solution that delivers up to 97 percent pay-at-first-pass rates.
  • Web-based technology that requires no additional IT staffing, software, server costs or network issues.
  • Claim status technology that automatically checks claims status for up to 20 percent improvement in reimbursements.
  • Automatic claims submissions to more than 1,000 national insurance plans.


Fully integrated

Optum Practice Management offers seamless integration with:

  • Physician EMR — a 2011 CCHIT™-certified, web-based EHR solution
  • Patient Portal — an online patient portal that unites patients and providers with a secure, online, health care-tracking web application

Expert technology

A sophisticated practice management system, it automates time-consuming administrative tasks such as eligibility checks, scheduling, reminders, patient visit documentation and claims submission. It includes:

  • An interactive dashboard that prioritizes work lists automatically
  • A rules-based, front-end clinical editing tool that scrubs outgoing claims prior to submission
  • An online code lookup software that boosts coding accuracy

Predictable, affordable monthly subscription

Optum Practice Management is available with a low up-front investment and an affordable monthly subscription that allows you to pay as you go. The subscription includes:

  • Support, where Optum manages and covers all backup costs.
  • Security, where it is maintained and co-located at redundant HIPAA-compliant data centers.
  • Flexibility to add unlimited users at no additional charge.

Intelligence Module

This optional add-on feature provides access to a web-based version of the Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and Reporting tool. The Intelligence Module includes:

  • Reporting features that give you access to a complete list of self-serve report types.
  • Dashboards that communicate complex information quickly by translating information into visually rich presentations.
  • Flexibility to add unlimited users at no additional charge.

”Optum PM/EMR has reduced our costs, increased our efficiency, improved our billing, and ensured that we receive the proper level of reimbursement for the services we provide. I would recommend it to other practices.” — Scott Hill, Office Manager, Trumbull Medical Practice LLC


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