SF-12v2 Health Survey

The Optum™ SF-12v2® Health Survey is a shorter version of the SF-36v2® Health Survey that uses just 12 questions to measure functional health and well-being from the patient’s point of view.

Taking only two to three minutes to complete, the SF-12v2® is a practical, reliable and valid measure of physical and mental health and is particularly useful in large population health surveys or for applications that combine a generic and disease-specific health survey. Available in multiple language translations, the SF-12v2® covers the same eight health domains as the SF-36v2® with one or two questions per domain.

As the survey uses norm-based scoring, comparisons can be made among the other generic health surveys (SF-36v2® and SF-8™). A preference-based utility index, called the SF-6D is also available to help understand economic benefit.

If you are looking to measure outcomes concisely at the population level, while maintaining the ability to compare results published for the SF-36v2®, the SF-12v2® is the right survey for you. It is a widely used tool for monitoring population health, comparing and analyzing disease burden and predicting medical expenses.

The SF-12v2® is available in multiple modes of administration and in both standard four-week and acute one-week recall periods.