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Bring medical and pharmacy benefits together

Optum® Specialty Fusion™ is a one-stop, cross-benefit solution for total specialty medication management.

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Cross-benefit visibility

Harmonize your specialty medication workflow with an integrated platform for medical and pharmacy benefits.

Savings in seconds

See up to $15 PMPM savings — and reduce future specialty spend by as much as 50%. 1

Mid-60s provider NPS


Create a more streamlined experience for high provider satisfaction.

50% faster time to therapy


Ensure patients get quick access to quality treatments at the optimal cost.

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A smart new tool made to help you do what you do best

Specialty Fusion integrates medical and pharmacy benefits into a single platform, so you can streamline your processes while gaining full visibility to specialty trends. Connect patients and providers with the right treatments at the optimal cost — faster than ever.

Unraveling complexity in specialty care

The health care system is fragmented and confusing particularly for the most complex patients needing specialty care. Learn about industry dynamics and gain insights from Optum leaders on how we are working to remove complexity from the system and improve access to timely treatments and care.

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Reevaluating the specialty space

There are a number of challenges impacting the specialty drug space that will force health plans to reevaluate management strategies.

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Get a handle on specialty carve-outs to end member attrition

Feeling the pitfalls of specialty pharmacy carve-outs? You’re not alone. Learn how a cross-benefit approach provides a better path forward.