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Now there’s a pointed question.

Three letters, looking for action.

How isn’t content with merely understanding a problem.

How wants to know what to do about it.

How is restless. How isn’t afraid to roll up its sleeves.

How wants results.

At Optum, asking how is what we do.

To find out how, we poke and prod data until it yields insights.

We collaborate. And forge partnerships.

We connect people.

People who care deeply about health care. And will do whatever it takes to make it better.

How do you manage chronic illness?

Address rising costs? Improve care for those in need? Care that’s affordable.

How do you empower providers so then can rediscover the joy in heath care?

How do you turn information at your fingertips into better outcomes?

How do you make an impact? A real and lasting one?

Some think tackling the biggest challenges in health care is impossible.

We do not. We’re already taking them on.

Fueled by compassion for those we serve. And inspired by collaborating with partners whose vision we share.

We are changing health care.

Fundamentally. Permanently.

So it’s accessible for all.

Affordable for all.

Alive with hope.

And brimming with promise.

How can we change health care forever so that it works better, for all of us?

We know how. We are the how.


How well gets done.

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How can the whole health system treat the whole person?

By coordinating across medical, behavioral and social interactions, we’re delivering comprehensive experiences that place people at the center of their care.


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How can we bring the people and pieces together so that health care works better for all of us?

By making the right connections, we’re creating a more holistic, efficient, innovative system that has an exponential impact on quality, experiences and costs.

See how

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How can we lower total costs and improve quality of care?

From operations to delivery, we’re defining a new era of health care on a societal scale to provide better outcomes while lowering costs.