HSA mythbusters

While HSAs make it easy to manage your saving and spending, there are some old misconceptions hanging around. Download our HSA mythbusters flyer to get answers to common myths about HSAs.


Myth #1: I’m healthy, so I don’t need an HSA

HSAs are for everyone. Pre-tax dollars can be used to pay for ordinary expenses like certain approved over-the-counter medication, sunscreen, and dentist appointments. HSAs are the perfect way to pay for your health, dental and vision needs, whether they are pressing or just routine. If you’re currently healthy, take the opportunity now to build your funds for the future. 

The earlier you start building your HSA, the greater your balance grows for when you need it. If you’re lucky enough to not need all your HSA funds for health care, once you reach age 65, HSA funds can be used for additional expenses.*

Myth #2: If I don’t use my HSA funds in my plan year, the money is gone

Nope. Your HSA money is yours. You own it — you control it and the available funds. Even if you change jobs or health plan coverage, you take your HSA with you. It’s yours to keep, even after you retire. Any money you don’t use has the potential to grow over time to provide for your future.

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*Note: regular income taxes apply.


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