Reduce medical costs while helping to improve employee health and well-being.

Healthier employees are more productive. They also save money on medical costs, for you and for them. That makes everyone happier. Yet when it comes to managing a condition or making healthy changes, many feel they’re too busy or they don’t know where to start. That’s where Optum can help, offering employee-friendly support and education through innovative programs and services.

Resource Center

The Resource Center for Health & Well-being helps employers improve workplace productivity, health care costs and employee quality of life through research-driven insights, innovative perspectives and ideas focused on driving a culture of health ownership among employees.

The health savings and spending customer journey

Optum research shows there are five stages of health savings and spending. Within each of these stages, people face a variety of goals, mindsets and activities.

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The evolution of employee benefit programs in a private health insurance exchange environment
Employee wellness amid shifting paradigms

The future of health management remains bright as employers consider a defined contribution strategy in a private exchange environment.

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Expert Perspective: The evolution of population health management

Mike Cunningham on the evolution of population health management in the direct-to-consumer age

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Optum Resource Center for Health & Well-being:
Thought Leadership Library

This resource aggregates our latest white papers, briefs and case studies which are focused on delivering research-based insights, key trends and perspectives that will help drive a culture of health ownership in the workplace.

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Beyond ROI: Building employee health and wellness value of investment

A new study explores the many reasons employers offer health and wellness programs.

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Health management ROI: It’s time for a fresh approach

This paper explores how dramatic changes in health care are beginning to challenge the traditional value proposition for health management programs. It also suggests how we can expand on ways of measuring the value of these programs.

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About Optum for Employers

At Optum, we help employers achieve improved productivity, reduced medical costs and better population health.  We do this by empowering your employees to take ownership of their own health with our award-winning and industry-accredited programs.

We take great pride in the recognition we receive for our work from industry peers, regulatory agencies and their governing bodies.  To see a list of our awards and accreditations, click the link below.

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