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We're making changes

New West Physicians is now part of Optum Colorado. You'll find the same trusted providers, now under a new brand name.

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Expert care and services near you

Whatever life brings your way, we’re here to help. You’ll find us throughout the Denver metro area and the Pikes Peak region.


A strong care network

Whether your health needs are simple or complex, we can help. Services include primary care, specialty care and urgent care. 


A growing family of providers

The Optum family in Colorado includes Mountain View Medical Group, New West Physicians and a sizable network of community practices.


National expertise

We have 60,000+ doctors nationwide. Together, we offer you expert care based on the latest research and medical knowledge.

Medicare Advantage

We offer helpful services, resources and programs. These include advance care planning, in-home visits and medicine reviews.

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Find care near you

If you're in the Denver area, use the search bar above. For Colorado Springs or Pikes Peak, choose from the options below. 

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Care in Colorado Springs

If you’re in or near Colorado Springs, we offer primary care, specialty care and urgent care.

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Care in the Pikes Peak region

Our primary care doctors, pediatricians and ob/gyns will help you stay healthy and feeling your best.

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Types of care

The care you need when you need it

Our top priority is helping you live your healthiest life. We offer a wide range of care, including primary and specialty care, senior care, urgent care and virtual care.

Patient information

Accepted health plans

We accept most major health insurance plans. Check with your doctor’s office or health plan for specific information.

Medicare Advantage

Find out how Optum and a Medicare Advantage plan can help you.

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Your appointment checklist

Be prepared for your visit. Download your easy-to-use appointment checklist.

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Care guides

The care guide is your very own roadmap to wellness. From cover to cover, you’ll find health resources and tips to help you feel your best.