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Advancing the Revenue Cycle Toward a Denial-Free Future

To produce complete and accurate clinical documentation and coding, providers must operate from a rich foundation of clinical content and rules — and ensure they’re continuously updated. Advanced, clinically aware artificial intelligence (AI) is just part of the solution. Our new eBook, "Advancing the Revenue Cycle Toward a Denial-Free Future," explores this and other key issues.

Optum360® knows driving toward a revenue cycle so seamlessly interconnected that no claim is ever denied is a big goal. But it’s one we help clients pursue. Download a copy of our eBook to learn more about our best-in-class solutions and explore tips you can implement right now to improve your operations on topics including:

  • CDI
  • Medical necessity
  • Coding
  • Claims integrity
  • Claims processing
  • Denials management
  • Payer appeals
  • Patient estimating
  • Eligibility verification

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