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Advancing the Revenue Cycle Toward a Denial-Free Future

While working hard throughout the revenue cycle to prevent denials is an essential strategy, providers still face denial challenges. Analyzing the reasons for these denials and figuring out where they’re occurring is key to avoiding them in the future and quickly and effectively dealing with them now. Our new e-book, Advancing the Revenue Cycle Toward a Denial-Free Future, explores this and other key issues.

Optum360® knows driving toward a revenue cycle so seamlessly interconnected that no claim is ever denied is a big goal. But it’s one we help clients pursue. Download a copy of our e-book to learn more about our best-in-class solutions and explore tips you can implement right now to improve your operations on topics including:

  • Denials management
  • Payer appeals
  • CDI
  • Medical necessity
  • Coding
  • Claims integrity
  • Claims processing
  • Patient estimating
  • Eligibility verification

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