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Eight Key Steps for Successful Patient Journey Analysis

Patient journey analysis leverages data and analytics techniques to provide understanding of patient interactions with the health care system. Lou Brooks, vice president of commercial analytics at Optum, introduces the eight steps to successful patient journey analysis.

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Podcast transcript: Introduction to Patient Journey Analytics podcast series

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Episode 1

Identify the Right Goals

Learn how to identify goals for conducting a patient journey analysis.

Episode 2

Engage the Right Team

Learn how to engage the right multidisciplinary team members for a successful analytics project.

Episode 3

Plan for Success

A set plan is essential for your analytics project. Learn the three must-have plan elements.

Episode 4

Develop a Patient Journey that Works for You

Patient journey maps can become complex quickly. Learn techniques for reducing the clutter.

Episode 5

Incorporate the Voice of the Customer

Learn more about the data that goes into understanding the voice of the customer.

Episode 6

Embed Patient Perspectives in Your Organization's Goals

Failure to include the patient perspective in your objectives can make goal achievement difficult.

Episode 7

Implement Attainable Objectives

Prioritizing your objectives is a critical step in your patient journey analysis.

Episode 8

Monitor and Modify Your Strategy as Needed

The performance of a patient journey analysis strategy depends on how well it is monitored.