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Seeing the Bigger Picture: Using Data and AI to Fuel Insights

Our podcast series explores the applications and implications of data and artificial intelligence in life sciences to drive insights.

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Episode 1: Demystifying EHR and NLP

Conor Wyand, data consultant, and host Amie Moreno explain the basics of electronic health records (EHR) and natural language processing (NLP). If you’re unfamiliar with EHR or NLP, this is the perfect episode to start.

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Podcast transcript: Demystifying EHR and NLP

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Additional episodes


Episode 2

How far health care AI has come and where it’s headed

Novel uses and complexities of natural language processing

Episode 3

EHR and NLP: A game changer for life sciences research

EHR and NLP change with the dynamics of care and why it matters to life sciences companies.

Episode 4

EHR and NLP for commercial questions

How EHR and NLP can inform brand strategies and help craft positioning and messaging

Episode 5

EHR and NLP for epidemiological research questions

Examples of how EHR and NLP are used to answer research questions that traditional data cannot.

Episode 6

An analyst’s view of how EHR and NLP can be used in research

EHR and NLP is used to gain a more holistic view of the patient to better serve stakeholders


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This unique combination of data, analytics and expertise goes into every Optum solution.