Carolyn Martin, MSW, LISW-SUPV

Primary Data Collection Research Director, Behavioral Health Lead

Central Nervous System and Behavioral Health, Primary Data Collection


Carolyn Martin leads the mental health therapeutic area and is research director on the primary data collection team. She joined HEOR in 2012 but started her 20-year tenure with UnitedHealth Group in 1998, developing quality improvement studies for health care operations.

Since then, she has partnered her knowledge of managed care operations with clinical and economic research across the organization including leading pharmacoepidemiological and post-market safety studies at the Center for Health Care Policy and Evaluation. 

A highly experienced program evaluator, Martin specializes in evaluation of co-morbid medical and behavioral health conditions. She also leads HEOR’s first innovative research data repository, combining longitudinal primary data collection with administrative claims data. 

Martin has co-authored publications in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Preventive Medicine and Journal of Clinical Epidemiology and Rheumatology, among others. She has served as a faculty member, mentor and retains current multi-state clinical licensure.

Published work 

Masseria C, Martin CK, Krishnarajah G, Becker LK, Buikema A, Tan TQ. Incidence and Burden of Pertussis Among Infants Less Than 1 year of Age. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2017 Mar;36(3):e54-e61.

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Abel JL, Taylor DCA, Doshi J, Martin C, Goolsby Hunter A, Essoi B, Buzinec P, Carson RT, Reasner DS, Spiegel B, Chey W. Chronic Constipation & IBS-C Treatment and Outcomes Real world Research Platform (CONTOR): A Large, Longitudinal Observational Study. Poster presented at: American College of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting; 2016 Oct 14-19; Las Vegas, NV.

Trenz H, Frazer M, Blauer-Peterson C, Martin C, Halpern C. Using Administrative Data to Identify Predictors of Antipsychotic Medication Polypharmacy. Paper presented at: Psych Congress 2018; 2018 Oct 25-28; Orlando, FL.


HEOR, Health Economics Outcomes Research, Health Economics, PDC, Primary Data Collection