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Helping people live their best lives

People who are actively engaged in their own health and wellness live their best lives, improve productivity and reduce risks. Higher engagement also lowers costs across populations.


Our wellness programs are proven to help organizations save money:

  • Decrease health care costs by 17 percent
  • Improve productivity by 25 percent
  • Reduce absenteeism by 22 percent

We provide a range of preventive care options to the populations we serve, including:

  • Biometric health screenings
  • Health engagement tools such as Rally®
  • Employee assistance programs
  • On-site wellness coaching and health provider services
  • Incentive programs
  • And more

Tobacco cessation

Quit For Life® has a 49 percent quit rate. It’s the leading tobacco-cessation program in the U.S. In partnership with the American Cancer Society, the program uses physical, psychological and behavioral strategies to help more than 2 million participants quit tobacco.

Employee assistance programs (EAP)

Our integrated EAP and behavioral health services help organizations build resilient, productive workforces and mitigate risk. We have a provider network of 105,000 NCQA-accredited and tiered counselors, with EAP and critical incident services in 150+ countries.

Our member site has won numerous awards and is URAC accredited. Through the website, members can access self-help programs, videos and relevant articles. Overall, 98 percent of our members are satisfied with our EAP services and would use them again.

Consumer engagement in health

Rally is a personalized health and wellness portal that empowers and motivates members to make sustainable changes that reduce their health risks. It helps members understand their health status, set goals and earn rewards — with a range of flexible reward options.

Rally offers an engaging experience that drives repeat visits and strong engagement: 96 percent of users complete a health survey and 64 percent of enrollees sign up for customized “missions” focused on improving their health. It’s also easy to administer and manage.

Mindfulness and resiliency training

Optum also offers mindfulness and resiliency training, recognized as a powerful tool to enhance health and well-being. It focuses attention in the present moment with a stance of openness, acceptance and non-judgment.

Mindfulness initiatives have been scientifically proven to change the inner workings of the brain. It reduces stress, lowers anxiety and improves memory and concentration. People who practice mindfulness sleep better, communicate more effectively and improve their health overall.

Simple mindfulness practice can also have a meaningful impact in the workplace. It can enhance employee performance, strengthen relationships and increase compassion for self and others. To learn more, visit our subsidiary, Moment Health.

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Learn more about how Optum can help the VA’s mission to improve Veteran health care.


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