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Curriculum guide

Brokers and consultants must stay knowledgeable about health care trends and risk management. Those serving middle-market employers face unique challenges in implementing solutions that improve employee health and manage costs.

Optum® makes it easy to earn continuing education (CE) credits toward license requirements. Our sessions provide you with a deeper understanding of the middle market. Our curriculum is:

  • Smart: Developed by CE-certified subject-matter experts and presented in an engaging manner
  • Flexible: Offered at your location, sales meetings, luncheons or special events
  • Streamlined: Simple to use, including easy access to state approvals, class scheduling, sign-in sheets, submitting class rosters and delivering certificates
  • Affordable: Provided at no cost to you
  • Quality content: Approved by state Departments of Insurance to fulfill license renewal requirements

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Compliance Quiz, 1 hour CE
Navigate real-world issues that employers face while administering COBRA plans. In this course, you will walk through actual scenarios involving COBRA compliance. This course will enable you to provide helpful answers to customers regarding COBRA plans. 

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A Brief Guide to Ethics in the Health Care Industry, 1 hour CE
This useful introduction provides the latest information on ethics standards in health care. Learn how recently updated ethics standards apply to insurers, brokers, health care representatives and employers.

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Health savings and spending accounts

Consumer Choices for Self-Directed Health Care, 1 or 2 hours CE
Learn the ins and outs of consumer-driven health accounts, including flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). For an overview, choose the 1-hour session. For a deeper dive, we offer a 2-hour session.

Health Savings Account Compliance Quiz, 1 hour CE
In your work with employers and health savings accounts, your customers may ask tough questions regarding HSA compliance. Be prepared to address these issues by taking part in this interactive, quiz-style course.

Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account Compliance Quiz, 1 hour CE
Learn how to protect employers by addressing common questions around HSA and FSA compliance issues. This interactive quiz-style format walks through pertinent questions and answers. We also present scenarios specific to saving and paying for health care with HSAs and FSAs.

Advanced Health Savings Account Concepts, 1 hour CE
This class is designed for those who have already completed one of our introductory health saving and spending classes. Those taking part should have a basic knowledge of health accounts. We will discuss the more complex aspects of integration and strategies used in health benefit design.

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Managing Risk

Introduction to Stop Loss Coverage, 1 hour CE
This introductory course explores the key benefits of stop loss insurance and how fully-insured and self-funded plans differ when it comes to risk management. Participants will learn how to communicate the benefits of self-funding and stop loss insurance.

Advanced Stop Loss, 1 hour CE
Designed for those who have a basic understanding of medical stop loss coverage, this course explores advanced concepts of stop loss plans and options. This interactive course will prepare you to effectively communicate the more complex aspects of stop loss insurance.

Fully-Insured to Self-Funding, 1 hour CE
Designed for those with a basic understanding of medical stop loss coverage, this course compares fully-insured and self-funding, exploring the advantages and challenges of each.

Maximizing Stop Loss Plan Choices, 1 hour CE
This class provides a thorough review of insurance products and a financial analysis of the most current options. 

Managing the Risks of Complex Medical Conditions, 1 hour CE
One complex care episode, like an organ transplant, can devastate a self-funded employer’s medical plan and jeopardize its bottom line. This class helps brokers better understand the biggest risks employers face when it comes to complex medical care. We outline proven strategies for managing these risks.

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Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) 101, 1 hour CE
This class explores PBMs, which administer drug benefits programs for companies and health plans. We’ll discuss how they work, the market and how they’ve evolved over time. We’ll also look at different types of pricing models, aspects of formularies and generic drugs.

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Wellness Programs as a Part of Health Benefits Strategy, 1 hour CE  
Learn strategies and best practices to introduce wellness programs in the workplace. Equally important, discover how to engage employees in these programs.