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You've invested in a robust well-being benefits package. Are your employees engaging in these services?
Optum can help you maximize your investment


Breaking down barriers to employee engagement 

While a robust benefits package is appreciated by your employee population, few fully understand all the services available and how to access them when they are most needed. 

Imagine if employees had access to a resource they could trust to consider their full health needs and introduce them to the right services along their path to well-being. And ... what if some of these services were made available on-site? 

You've come to the right place to learn more about a unique portfolio of connected solutions focused on advocacy, behavioral health and on-site delivery that work together to better engage employees in accessing available services. 

Explore our research, expert insights and Optum capabilities to see how we can play an important role in helping you break down barriers to engagement and supercharge employee well-being. 


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