Optum Serve is committed to Veteran care


Optum Serve is honored and proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in its mission of providing high-quality care to the millions of women and men who have served our nation. Watch the video to learn how we help those who serve and have served.

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OptumServe is committed to Veteran care

Jose Leon:

I grew up admiring my uncle and my brother and a couple of my cousins who served. I wanted to do my part the way they did their part.

Sheri Hanson:

I chose to serve in the United States Navy because I felt like I could make a difference in people's lives.

Shuja Ahmed:

September 11 had just happened in 2001 and I felt as a Muslim American, it was my duty to serve my nation in a time of need.

Gregory Gadson:

It's really about that man and woman on the left and right. We are dedicated to a mission. We're dedicated to service. We're dedicated to serving our nation.

Phil Lay:

I felt this country did a lot for me up to that present time. And in turn, I said that I will give some of my time to this great country of ours.

Bridget Johnson:

When you go to battle, you see hell and you don't come back to the same person. So, a lot of us, we don't have scars that you can see. Veterans have given so much to this country and we owe it to them to take care of them both mentally, physically, emotionally, and we owe it to their families too.

Mitch Heroman:

Why is it important for me to take care of vets? As a commanding officer, I sent people to war after 9/11. I now have the opportunity to take care of them when they came back. It's a privilege.

Patricia D. Horoho:

Our motto is serving together, honored to serve, and that motto is truly imprinted on the heart of every one of our OptumServe team members. And together, we partner with Department of Defense and with the VA to be able to serve those that are serving or have served this great nation. Understanding the healthcare needs of our service members and our veterans is a challenge, and sometimes it's a daunting challenge. But when you look at the capabilities that we have, we have end to end capabilities to really leverage those in a way that improves the customer's experience, it improves their navigating the healthcare system, and it improves their health outcomes.

Anne Finch:

For those that serve the active military, it really is to prevent health issues and keep them healthy. For those that are veterans, it's how do we get them the proper services that they deserve and have earned as quickly and easily as possible?

Norman Wright:

I believe OptumServe can be a very effective partner for the VA as it relates to modernizing their infrastructure and technology and improving access, because we bring a very, very strong set of capabilities around data, analytics, and insights that really helps us get into treating and taking care of a population. And then finally, it was very comprehensive care delivery network.

Mitch Heroman:

It's in our name, OptumServe. What it's all about is service. We serve our military, we serve our veterans, and we serve our federal health partners do their job.

Patricia D. Horoho:

And it's about making a difference, and it's about helping those that are committed to making a difference. It's a privilege, it's an honor, it's a commitment, and it's a mission.

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