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In pursuit of parity

Artificial intelligence (AI) leaders discuss how using AI responsibly allows its advantages to be used in an equitable and sustainable way.


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AI is seen as an integral tool to improving health outcomes. In this VentureBeat event replay, you'll learn how AI can help health care experts do their jobs more efficiently and effectively and how stakeholders can use AI responsibly, ethically and equitably.

Get an in-depth perspective on the strengths and limitations of data, AI methodology, the application of AI results and more:

  • What it means to use advanced analytics "responsibly"
  • Why responsible use is so important in health care as compared to other fields.
  • The steps that researchers and organizations are taking today to ensure AI is used responsibly
  • What the AI enabled health system of the future looks like and its advantages for consumers, organizations and clinicians
  • Horizontal Rule



  • Sanji Fernando, SVP AI and Analytics Platforms, Optum
  • Brian Christian, Author, The Alignment Problem, Algorithms to Live By and The Most Human Human
  • Kyle Wiggers, AI Staff Writer, VentureBeat (moderator)
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