Transforming Behavioral Health Care Using Human-Centered Design


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Designing care experiences around the person

The demand for behavioral health care continues to grow, and engaging members with complex behavioral health needs remains a challenge. 

To tackle this challenge, we're focusing on designing behavioral health solutions that put member needs first, and expanding access to evidence-based care to improve engagement and treatment outcomes. 

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How we're using member segmentation to better understand member populations and their unique needs
  • How we approach new product development using human-centered design to improve member engagement
  • How we've applied this approach to create new solutions that engage high-needs members

Join us as we discuss new ways to improve member experiences with behavioral health care.

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Steve Lafferty
Senior Vice President of Product, Optum Behavioral Health

Paris Ivory
Director of Product, Optum Behavioral Health

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