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Webinar series: 30 Minutes to Improving Risk and Quality Management


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Gain insights to help health plans improve quality and outcomes. Register for one or all of the topics in this complimentary webinar series.

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How to Combine Risk and Quality: Secrets from the Pros

On-demand | 26 minutes


In today's health care landscape, payers and care providers are vested in each other's success like never before. Join industry experts as they share real-world strategies that you can use to create a win/win approach. You’ll learn about a new dynamic – a comprehensive approach to risk adjustment and quality with outcome-based incentives.

Brandon Taylor, JD, MBA
Director, Clinical and Quality Solutions

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Comprehensive Risk Adjustment and Quality Analytics: Turning Noise into Action

On-demand | 17 minutes

Thirty percent of the entire world’s stored data is generated by the health care industry. But what good is that data if we can't put it to use?
Learn how analytics paired with technology and skilled resources can help health plans and providers proactively impact the health of members covered by Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and ACA plans.

Jeff Dumcum
Vice President, Strategic Market Engagement

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3 Strategies Every Plan Should Use to Improve Network Performance

On-demand | 34 minutes

Effective network engagement is a necessary component of risk adjustment and quality performance. Learn best practices to engage and drive network performance through segmentation, alignment and action.

  • Segment your network to enable unique approaches for different types of care provider organizations
  • Align provider incentives for desired outcomes
  • Take action to develop and implement a strategy to engage each network segment

Stephanie Gardner
Senior Vice President, Risk Adjustment Solutions

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On-demand - How to Combine Risk and Quality: Secrets from Pros
On-demand - Risk and Quality Analytics: Turning Noise into Action
On-demand - 3 Strategies to Improve Network Performance