Meeting real-world evidence challenges

Optum provides real-world observational research solutions.


There is an overwhelming demand for high-quality, reliable, real-world information on treatment effectiveness and optimal patient care. Payers, providers and patients all use research to make different decisions.

There is a wealth of research available. Primary and secondary research, retrospective database studies and comparative effectiveness research (CER) all have their merits, but also some limitations. 

Optum® has developed a unique direct-to-patient study approach that combines the strengths of primary and secondary data in an efficient observational study design. This approach meets CER and other real-world evidence needs across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Trust the expertise of Optum HEOR

Optum Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) has expertise in the design, conduct and analysis of real-world studies employing state-of-the art methodologies. 

With varied scientific backgrounds and advanced analytics expertise, our team of 85 researchers help address the challenges of a complex and constantly changing health care environment. 


Optum Research Database captures patient path

The Optum Research Database (ORD) represents patients enrolled in one of the largest providers of commercial and Medicare Part D health plans in the nation. It comprises medical and pharmacy claims data from 1993 to current, covering 64.3 million lives.

We follow patients longitudinally as they enroll, disenroll and re-enroll in the health plan. The ORD also contains patient copayments and deductible amounts, enabling us to accurately assess patient and payer burden. 

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