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With a united, experienced and scalable team, Optum Serve can help you improve the overall health and well-being of those you serve.

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Patricia Horoho:

On a personal level, I think there's no greater calling than to serve. And whether you're in uniform or out of uniform, the ability to serve and be part of something much greater than yourself is something that allows us, at the end of our day, to look back and know we made a difference. I would believe that everybody on the OPTUMServe team is committed to doing just that.

Jim Caldwell:

I love what I do because I'm helping people. I'm a nurse, that's what I do, I help people.

Krishna Nagaraj:

What's really rewarding for me is that I can help my federal customers to deliver programs that will help millions of people to lead healthier lives.

Tabitha Temple:

I get to use my expertise to ensure that children, our future, receive quality services every single day.

Ed Weinberg:

I take pride in serving our service members and veterans because those are my brothers and sisters. For 23 years I spent in the Army. There's no greater good than taking care of those who are taking care of our nation.

Patricia Horoho:

We created OPTUMServe because, one, we're committed to serving those that have served this great nation. Two, we've got vast capabilities that we can leverage to partner with our federal agencies to help them transform and to modernize, and three, because we believe we can deliver on our promise.

Anne Finch:

We provide services that span multiple stages of a military career, from specialty entrance exams, through readiness exams during active military service, and disability exams upon veteran status. In addition, we have the privilege of providing services to military families through our nurse advice line services.

Norman Wright:

I believe what makes OPTUMServe's technology unique is our strong understanding of clinical data, and the analytics we can run across that data to predict what may happen to an individual over the course of their life. So our ability to be in front of and predict when they're going to need a certain wellness program, when they're going to need a certain disease management program, and how we can keep them on a healthy path, is a real strength of ours.

Patricia Horoho:

Our mission is to help our partners achieve their mission. And OPTUMServe is up to the challenge of delivering on our promise because each of us made a commitment to serve and to live up to our name of OPTUMServe. We're going to leverage our capabilities. We're going to leverage our passion and our deep experience and relationships to be able to partner in a way that no other enterprise can partner.

Mitch Heroman:

I think OPTUMServe is well situated to help meet the challenges of our federal customers, because we can deliver the power and the resources of UnitedHealth Group. That's the vast, huge network of UnitedHealthcare and the healthcare delivery, the technology, the analytics of OPTUM. As the country moves toward value based care, which is increased quality at a lower cost, the military and the VA will be moving in that direction and OPTUMServe is well suited to assist them with that.

Tiffany Tsay:

OPTUMServe is up to the challenge of supporting our federal customers and transforming the healthcare system because we are at every level of the healthcare system. We have the policy expertise to guide the implementation of new programs. We have the technical expertise to support the backbone of the healthcare delivery system. But at the end of the day, what's most important is that we're committed to, and we care about the people that we serve.

Pat Brady:

As a former federal employee, I truly believe that OPTUMServe is a partner with our federal customers. That means that we're going to be developing meaningful and actionable results and policies that's going to help them solve not only today's issues, but tomorrow's as well.

Patricia Horoho:

At the end of the day, what we really do is we serve. We serve those that serve this great nation. We serve the federal agencies that have a mission. And we make sure that what we're doing is impactful, that it's in partnership, and we're honored to have the privilege to be able to do that.

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