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Dr. Frank Alderman, Chief Executive Officer: For far too long, the health system has been physician-centric and not patient-centric. So we wanted to bring a model to the healthcare marketplace that was 100 percent patient-centric.

Julie Penn, Chief Marketing Officer: What draws people to MedExpress is very much our culture.

Dr. Thomas Pangburn, Senior Vice President of Provider and Clinical Quality: When a patient comes into MedExpress the first time, they're actually shocked by the environment.

Melissa Tegi, Center Manager: It's not a doctor's office. It's not a hospital setting.

Patricia Tighe, Center Manager: We're happy at work, which means that it trickles down to the patients.

Penn: We're very intent that each person is treated individually and that's what makes us special. It’s that simple.

Dr. Pangburn: The interesting thing about MedExpress was emergency medicine physicians saw a need in the community.

Dr. Alderman: In the United States alone, annually, there's approximately 150 million emergency department visits. The overwhelming majority are non-emergent and can be taken care of at a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Pangburn: They saw that niche. They saw that need in the community, and they’ve knocked it out of the park.

Dr. Alderman: The model of MedExpress is one of being positioned as the front door, a lower-cost, more appropriate entry point into the healthcare ecosystem.

Kristin Beckett, MedExpress Patient: I come to MedExpress because I can get everything done in one spot.

Dr. Alderman: Our scope of services at MedExpress is very broad. It spans from urgent care to employer health services and also basic wellness and prevention.

Beckett: I don’t have to go to multiple places, because I don't have time to go to multiple places. I'm a mom and I'm busy and I can come here and get it all done.

Penn: We are very focused on the entire consumer journey.

Dr. Alderman: We want to help them navigate that healthcare system.

Penn: I really do believe that we're revolutionizing health care.

Dr. Alderman: I think what makes us unique is our people. When you have that buy in to the culture and the vision, at the ground level, it's infectious.

Tighe: The founders of MedExpress started in the clinic. They had great insight. That insight that they had started in Morgantown, and it's now all over the country.

Dr. Alderman: We believe health care is very local, but the opportunity is national or international. It's very exciting to be a part of that.

Tighe: I love going to work every day because of the people I work with.

Tegi: This is my second family.

Penn: I love being part of this organization.

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