Infographic: Dimensions of well-being

Discover the well-being and employee experience connection.


The evolution of well-being programs

Research tells us that employees are looking for broader programs and services that support multiple dimensions of well-being.

Optum recently studied five dimensions of health: Physical, financial, mental, social and community. In this infographic, we share insights on these dimensions as well as the connection between well-being and the employee experience.

More is more.

Employees who report their employer addresses 4–5 dimensions are significantly more likely to say their job performance is excellent. They also have a positive impression of their employer and would recommend their company as a place to work.

Financial health and mental health rank high.

The study found that employees want support from their employers in all five dimensions of health. However, financial health and mental health ranked the highest.

Discover the top topics requested by employees and how investing in key dimensions of well-being can positively impact the employee experience.

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