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Video Case Study: Farm Bureau Health Plans

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Ryan Brown: Farm Bureau Health Plans is a membership organization that was established in 1947 to provide service to, at that time ,solely to members of the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation.

Anthony Kimbrough: Certainly it has now grown into a statewide organization that serves metropolitan areas as well.

Ryan: When we first engaged Optum, our focus was on implementing Affordable Care Act plans.

Anthony: And trying to make some decisions around Medicare Part D. Is that an area that we need to move toward?

Ryan: We'd never offered those sorts of plans to our membership. We've stayed out of that market historically. One of the reasons was that we lacked the infrastructure, and we lacked the subject matter expertise to be able to implement those plans and offer plans to our membership that would be beneficial to them.

Anthony: We had to find a partner that could help us execute those long term strategies for our company.

Ryan: We engaged various experts from Optum to be able to provide advice and to help us design these Affordable Care Act compliant plans from a benefits perspective and also from a cost share perspective.

Anthony: Optum had the ability, almost from day one, to get it. They understood who we were. We had to have a partner that would understand what differentiates us.

Ryan: Once we began to investigate and got into it a little bit, it naturally became clear what all the Optum companies could provide from an expertise standpoint.

Anthony: Optum brought to bear a tremendous amount of expertise, and resources, and experiences that we simply didn't have.

Ryan: Thus far there's really been very little that we asked that Optum hasn't been able to provide some sort of a solution.

Anthony: We could not have done what we've done without Optum's expertise and participation at the table, as in my thinking, a business partner and not simply as another customer.

Ryan: The people that I have encountered at Optum are quality people, people who care about their work product and care about our organization and helping us achieve what we want to achieve.

Anthony: The fact that we executed ACA plans in the 2016 plan year in the length of time in which we did it is a quantifiable result in itself.

Ryan: I would recommend Optum to anyone who's looking for a partner.

Anthony: I believe Optum understands us to the point now that they even help us cast our vision. We've done a lot of things in the last two years that we had never done before, but that are absolutely critical for us to continue the kind of growth that we're going to need to take this company 5, 10 and 20 years from now.

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Collaborative consulting partnership

Learn about a partnership that enabled Farm Bureau Health Plans to expand product offerings and finalize strategies across markets. See how Optum quickly executed an implementation, benefit and cost-sharing strategy to enable launch of new product offerings.