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Male 1:           The liver's the largest organ in the body. It weighs about three pounds, sits next to your stomach and above your intestines. Its main job is to filter the blood. It also makes proteins that help the blood clot and secretes bile, which breaks down fatty foods.

                        Hepatitis B is a virus that's contract through bodily fluids and blood products. Most people who get it, feel like they just have a case of the flu:  body aches, fevers, might turn a little yellow, but it's usually gone in one to two weeks. But, for one to two-percent of the people have Hepatitis B, they progress to cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver. If you get cirrhosis, every year, your liver works a little less until it eventually shuts down. And when that happens, you need a transplant. This is what happened in Patrick's case.

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Jon R. Friedman, MD, provides insight into the seriousness of Patrick’s condition before receiving his transplant. 

For one to two percent of people who have hepatitis B, they progress to cirrhosis … this is what happened in Patrick’s case.

– Jon R. Friedman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Optum®
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