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Using AI Improves Retrospective Risk Programs


Using AI to improve retro risk adjustment

Join us for this on demand webinar to learn more about how AI modernizes traditional retrospective risk programs.

Each year, millions of Medicare Advantage medical charts are retrieved and reviewed manually to improve completeness of beneficiary health status.

Traditional retrospective risk adjustment processes lacked the technology and tools to precisely identify unreported diagnosis codes. The result has been an inefficient process that could disrupt providers by overloading them with unnecessary chart requests.

Join our on demand webinar to find out how artificial intelligence (AI) transforms retrospective risk adjustment. Learn how AI streamlines the process and creates many efficiencies including:

  • Shift focus of the traditional chart review process from volume to value
  • Target charts with potentially unreported diagnosis codes more precisely
  • Identify retrieval modality most likely to be successful with providers
  • Improve efficiency, completeness and accuracy of chart reviews
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