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Navigating forward:

Value chain reorganization


Rapid redesign of today’s value chain

A high-performing health care value chain allows information, money, products and services to flow effectively among all stakeholders — each adding value as they engage the landscape. These connections must combine discrete areas of expertise to improve health outcomes and lower costs. COVID-19 has proven that traditional health system infrastructure, processes and functions are still unable to achieve this flow at the level consumers need and the marketplace demands.

This article explores how to use predictive methodologies, data sharing and strategic partnerships to:

  • Explore supply chain, staffing and managed services opportunities
  • Monitor outside investments in virtual health and M&A activity
  • Modify services to match changes in consumer coverage
  • Weigh new capabilities with cost structure adjustments
  • Track changes in consumer behavior as new market entrants emerge
  • Reduce cost of care using predictive technologies

Understand the redesigned value chain to reduce your cost structure and redefine your role in today's market ecosystem.


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