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Navigating forward: Holistic risk

How CEOs can protect their organization from growing uncertainty


Mitigate risk and speed response

The biggest challenge of COVID-19 disruption is uncertainty — and CEOs are tasked with leading their organization through it. How they respond to today’s unpredictable financial demands, a shrinking health care dollar and significant changes in consumer behavior will determine organizational success.

This article discusses how to utilize fresh market intelligence to inform decisions with a focus on:

  • Investing in strategic partnerships and services to meet consumer demands
  • Engaging in telehealth and other pandemic-proof alternatives
  • Building reliable data sets to track changing consumer behaviors
  • Evaluating and redirecting resources to reduce shockwaves
  • Gaining market relevance through nimble strategies

Many are navigating the current health ecosystem with incomplete or outdated views. Gaining market relevance through daily organizational and consumer assessments can help CEOs holistically address risk, focus resources and protect from growing uncertainty.


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