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Support for oncology providers

Delivering better care for cancer patients

Optum® Specialty Pharmacy delivers dedicated support and one-on-one guidance to keep your practice and patients in the know, every step of the way.

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Ready to prescribe?

There are three simple ways to get started.

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Our detailed, oncology specific approach to patient care puts people at the center of all we do.

This clinical, end-to-end, oncology specific approach to patient care puts people at the center of all we do. 

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More affordable oncology medications

Find out how we connect so many cancer patients with financial assistance through our powerful partnerships and resources.

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Ease the burdens that come with cancer therapy 

Cancer care is becoming more complex all the time. You need a specialty pharmacy as innovative as today’s therapies. That’s why oncologists turn to Optum Specialty Pharmacy. With decades of experience serving people living with cancer and their care providers, we can be a true partner for your practice. 

Our dedicated patient and provider concierge teams can also take on some of the most complicated tasks you face including: 

  • Prior authorization management
  • Support for adherence issues
  • Financial assistance
  • Patient education and engagement 

From onboarding to personalized follow ups and transitional care, we’re here whenever patients need us. And we do it all while giving you access to cutting-edge resources and today’s most powerful oncology drugs, including recently approved medications in limited distribution networks.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest oncology drug trends

Even after a global pandemic shook the status quo, oncology therapy has forged ahead as one of the most innovative clinical specialties in health care. Despite the hurdles, physicians, patients and the private and public sectors persevered, adapting to a changing landscape, unique engagement techniques and innovative operational processes. Read Optum Specialty Pharmacy's 2023 Outlook on oncology to learn more.

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Oncology Rx forms

If you’re ready to start prescribing, access our oncology referral form.

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Resource library

Find all the resources you need to get started prescribing or learn more about important topics and trends impacting oncology medications.

Access our resource library

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How we help 

Our patient-centered services and convenient tools make it easier to navigate the health care system. Our dedicated team will be there throughout the course of treatment to support providers and advocate for patients.

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How to join Optum

Quickly prescribe the medication and treatments your patient needs with online enrollment forms, electronic prior authorization and online prescription submissions. 

Oncology enrollment forms



Optum Rx

Ready to refer your patients? Use our referral checklist to make sure you have everything you need. 

Get the checklist

Find everything you need in one place:

  • View prior authorization status, initiate appeals and see denial history
  • Track prescription status and referral activities with enhanced dashboard views
  • Easily search for patient medication lists, allergy information, diagnosis codes and insurance information
  • Access more features coming soon to streamline your process


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Our innovative Therapy Solutions model employs a clinical, end-to-end, oncology specific approach to patient care. 

  • Dedicated team for optimal care experience
  • Support tailored to each individual’s lifestyle, therapy and care needs
  • We offer personal support and outreach, from welcome calls to adherence outreach and follow-ups

Whether you’re referring a new patient or making a change to an existing patient’s treatment plan, you can rest assured Optum Specialty Pharmacy can provide what you need. We offer a wide variety of the latest oncology medications from all the top manufacturers, including limited-distribution drugs. 

Our team is dedicated to connecting patients with financial assistance programs from manufacturers and nonprofits. 

  • In 2021 we secured more than $100 million on behalf of patients 
  • We work proactively so patients don’t face an interruption in treatment for financial reasons
  • Learn more about our Financial Assistance services