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Infectious Disease Research

We combine real-world data and extensive therapeutic expertise to showcase the clinical and economic value of our clients' ID therapies.

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Proven research expertise

The Optum® HEOR ID research team has designed and conducted studies to support products for HIV, hepatitis, other viral and bacterial infections and vaccine-preventable diseases, leading to numerous conference presentations and publications in top clinical journals.

Researchers on the ID team have a broad range of backgrounds and expertise, including HEOR, epidemiology, geriatrics, pharmacy benefit management, biostatistics, public health and basic science research.

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Research topics and capabilities

Recent research projects include HIV treatment patterns and trends, vaccines uptake and effectiveness, hepatitis B and C burden, and characteristics of bacterial infections.

HIV treatment patterns and trends

  • Lines of antiretroviral therapies (ARTs)
  • ART initiation, switching and persistence
  • Real-world ART first-line regimens relative to treatment guidelines
  • ART adherence and burden of nonadherence
  • Treatment failure and intolerability-associated events
  • Quality of life among patients who switched due to side effects of ARTs

Hepatitis B and C

  • Pill burden, adherence and discontinuation
  • Comorbidities, concomitant medication use and potential drug-drug interactions
  • Comparison of expected versus observed treatment duration
  • Rate of sustained virologic response (SVR) following treatment
  • Liver disease progression by genotype
  • Screening rates and provider practice pattern changes over time


  • Autism occurrence by MMR vaccine status, including linkage of infants to parents/siblings
  • Incidence and burden of vaccine-preventable diseases: herpes zoster, pertussis, rotavirus, influenza, pneumococcal disease, invasive meningococcal disease
  • Vaccine uptake and compliance

Bacterial infections

  • Patterns of care and antibiotic treatment pathways
  • Prevalence of antibiotic resistance 
  • Patient characteristics, clinical outcomes and economic outcomes by antibiotic class
  • Post-surgical infection rate among patients with implantable devices

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