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Medicaid Risk Adjustment

Optum has the expertise, breadth and scale to help optimize and support your Medicaid risk and quality programs.

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Report more accurate health status

States differ in their individual Medicaid risk adjustment regulations, reimbursements and penalties. It can be a challenge for health plans to stay current with the ongoing changes.

Our dedicated informatics and actuarial experts support the most common state Medicaid risk adjustment models. We take a holistic approach to work across your managed Medicaid markets. We identify opportunities to help:

  • Maximize the potential of your risk adjustment strategy
  • Engage providers and members
  • Report a more accurate and complete picture of your Medicaid member health status

Get a real-time cost-benefit analysis

Through our advanced analytics, Optum can model a real-time cost-benefit analysis as part of our initial conversation with you. That means you’ll understand the value we can deliver for your health plan before you sign the contract.

Request a cost-benefit analysis today

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See how Optum can drive better risk and quality outcomes for members, health plans and providers.