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Solutions built around each individual



Linking with providers to end care and communication gaps


Advanced analytics hone in on each member's care needs


Trusting nurse relationships enable personal health changes

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Elevating the individual's care experience

Optum Care Coordination focuses on the specific needs of the individual with a chronic condition. By integrating clinical and behavioral health, we provide the support, services and personal connection to achieve better outcomes and improve their quality of life.

Collaborating with providers to improve care

Care Coordination supports individuals at risk for costly interventions with an experienced multi-disciplinary team and evidence based methods. Collaborating with providers, we reduce unnecessary utilization, ensure continuity of care and elevate patient satisfaction.

Building capacity, one person at a time

A trusting nurse-patient relationship has the potential to change an individual's health journey. A nurse's support and guidance helps address barriers to care and social determinants. And it also builds the person's skills and confidence to take charge of their health.

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