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OB Homecare Programs for Employers

Improve high risk pregnancy outcomes and patient experience. Reduce the cost of care with skilled in-home nursing supported by technology.

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Improve pregnancy outcomes with optimum care

We have more than 35 years of experience managing the specialized needs of high-risk OB members in the comfort of their homes with 24/7 nurse availability, pharmacy support, education and more. This has led to a 63% decrease in spontaneous preterm birth risks.1

Reduce hospital admissions and ER visits

Obstetrical Homecare from Optum® has led to more than 62% reduction in antepartum hospital admission. Additional results include over 93% reduction in ER visits.2

Reduce gestational diabetes admissions

Our experienced staff, customized education and comprehensive services have led to a 98% compliance rate in the percentage of participants maintaining their blood glucose values within the recommended range between week 1 and week 3 of program participation.3

Lower costs of hypertension

A benchmark study showed that participation in the Homecare program resulted in costs of $4,888 for patients with hypertension, compared to $10,327 for those patients without these services.4

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You have a right to request a good faith advance cost estimate prior to receiving services from us.  

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Awards and accreditations

Recognition from trade associations, regulatory agencies and other governing bodies.

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