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Benefits Analytic Manager

Our integrated data and analytics solution for employers puts you in control of your data to inform strategy and manage benefits.

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Insightful analytics

Our solution is designed to quickly see trends and easily drill into your unique reporting structure to identify trend drivers and potential opportunities. We will provide insights from your results so you can focus your efforts on impactful actions.

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Integrated results you can trust

Our proven integration across multiple data sources with a focus on data quality provides a common language and solid foundation for a holistic view of your population.

Demonstrated expertise and customer support

Our team of experts who focus on health care, benefits and analytic solutions provide insights so our customers can take the right actions.

Actionable insights and recommendations

Integrated benefits data enables you to analyze performance and financial trends. Compare to norms, industry benchmarks or prior performance. Gain insight into cost drivers, population health and opportunities for improving employee health and productivity.

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- [Narrator] Introducing Benefits Analytic Manager. The integrated benefits data warehouse solution that helps keep your organization on the road to success. Benefits Analytic Manager is the new name and next generation for the same trusted solution that helps you make the most informed decisions for your business. Count on Benefits Analytic Manager to make sense of your benefits data and identify the coordinates that tell you where you are now, where you need to go, and the best route to get there. It's an atlas of insights with the tools that drive results and help you avoid distractions. Manage vendors, improve employee health, and increase workforce productivity. See the whole picture and the important details too. Experience the smooth ride ahead with Benefits Analytic Manager from Optum. Exciting new name, same trusted solution.

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