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Biometric Screenings and Vaccinations

For 30+ years, we’ve helped organizations offer on-site screenings and vaccinations. Today we offer on-site and at-home screening options.

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Biometric screenings

When it’s time for a health reset, biometric screenings are the first step. 

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Heart health and diabetes

The heart health screening is a full lipid panel screening plus A1c to evaluate heart health and diabetes risk.

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Flu vaccinations

Offering convenient access to flu vaccinations can help employees to stay healthy while lowering flu-related absences and health care costs.



Following year

medical costs reduced by $24.25 PPPM.1

Identify 16%

more health risks that lead to disease.2


Decrease ER visits

by 12/1,000 per year.1

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Four convenient screening options

Know Your Numbers events at your worksites are a convenient, culture-building way to administer screenings at work.

Optum provides access to its 2,200 patient services centers as an easy alternative for individuals who cannot attend an event at work.

Employees maintain and build the provider relationship by having screenings done at their clinic. The physician results form simplifies the process for transferring data. 

Engage employees, spouses and new hires throughout the year with a screening kit delivered to their homes.

See the impact of biometric screenings

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The value of biometric screenings

Learn how biometric screenings help to promote a culture of wellness while reducing medical expenses.

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An employee’s journey to better health

See how one employee’s path to a healthier lifestyle started with a biometric screening.

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Biometric brochure

See how we can help engage your entire workforce by reaching employees where they work and where they live.

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Flu vaccination solutions

With complimentary flu shots, employers can help their employees stay healthy while lowering health care costs.

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Biometrics executive summary

Over the past year, adults in the U.S. have skipped trips to the doctor. Learn how biometrics screenings can help.

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Five Fast Facts

Learn about the impact of biometric screenings with five fast facts.

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Biometrics dashboard on Rally

Learn about the new front-end to Biometric Solutions for clients who use the Rally digital platform.

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  1. Biometric Screening Quasi-Experimental Value Study. Well-Being Product Analytic Team. 2019.
  2. Steinfeld D. Comparison of members with and without a biometric screening. UnitedHealthcare Healthcare Economics. January 10, 2018.