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Specialty Pharma Solutions for Health Plans

Manage specialty medical drug expenses.

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Specialty Guidance Program

The Optum® Specialty Guidance Program (SGP) helps clients control specialty drug costs. It also gives providers evidence-based, payer-compliant clinical guidance to manage complex conditions effectively.

SGP includes:

  • Online prior authorization portal and guideline library
  • Digitized clinical policies for over 50 specialty conditions
  • Ability to support all specialty drugs

Data management and analytics 

  • 14M+ data points collected with 1M+ data points for clinical guidance

Optum expertise

  • Over 18M lives managed through the program

Proven outcomes

  • Provider Net Promoter Score: 64
  • 61% of requests entered by provider through SGP website
  • 91%+ preferred product adoption

SGP focuses on specialty non-cancer conditions while Cancer Guidance Program (CGP) focuses on cancer conditions. 

Quick facts



Rising global spend

$505B projected specialty medicine spend by 20232


High cost

$84K–$136K average cost of a specialty drug in 20203


Increasing number of specialty drugs

$1,276 projected per member annual specialty spend by 20234


Additional insight

2x medical knowledge doubles every 73 days4

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