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Matthew Versaggi

Distinguished Engineer

Location: Eden Prairie, MN



  • MS, computer science (artificial intelligence), DePaul University
  • MBA, international business and economics, DePaul University
  • BA, computer science, Alfred University
  • BS, finance and management information systems, Alfred University
  • Five professional certificates including two in security (server/network), one in data science and machine learning, one in artificial intelligence, one in quantum computing

Career bio

I hold a senior leadership role in the artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies space for the Advanced Technology Collaborative (ATC) at Optum Technology. This combination role comprises the responsibilities of thought leader, evangelist, education subject-matter expert (SME), strategist, and advanced technology delivery of projects and technical capabilities in the AI/CT spaces.

My previous role in Optum was leading a global AI/machine learning delivery team (Dublin, Boston, Minnesota and South Carolina). Other responsibilities I hold are education and SME in AI/ML for the College of Artificial Intelligence in Optum Tech University, and SME in the UHG Patent Review Board reviewing AI/ML technologies. 

Prior to Optum, my roles were: AI engineer for a military contractor, CEO of my own company, CIO of a dental insurance company, adjunct professor at a university, business startup partner, and an AI developer.

Technology areas I work on

  • Graph technologies
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Image processing/computer vision
  • Machine learning
  • Quantum computing
  • Intelligent agents

Awards and recognitions

  • DePaul University teaching award: The Daniel Siden Outstanding Adjunct Faculty of the College of Commerce, 2001.

Conference speaking engagements


  • Minneapolis Area Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group, Cognitive Technology
  • NHCAA (National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association), The Fusion of AI and Health Care Insurance Security
  • AI Summit, Fusion of AI and Healthcare, Quantum Computing
  • Chair and organize the Minneapolis Area Artificial Intelligence Meetup Group


  • University of St Thomas, AI and Healthcare
  • Twin Cities Startup Panel, AI and Marketing
  • Dev Days: Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing (13 sites, 13 weeks)
  • EIS Fraud Summit, AI in Security
  • Minnesota State University Mankato, Ethical AI
  • TreeHouse Startups presentation, AI in Healthcare
  • MinneAnalytics, Quantum Computing
  • AI Congress, Fusion of AI in Healthcare


  • MinneMUDAC Hackathon judge


  • Security and BeOS: The Media OS. A state-of-the-art security report on the pre-release of the BeOS networking environment (BONE). SANS Network Security. Autumn 2000.
  • Understanding conflicting data. AI Expert, April 1995.
  • Pyrotechnics (Journal of Academic Computing, DePaul University)
    • Object-oriented programming, Autumn 1989
    • Neural networks, Winter 1990
    • Knowledge representation, Spring 1990

Personal profile

Is there a personal story behind your decision to work in health care?

In a word: significance. My previous engagement was as an AI engineer for a military contractor. After that engagement, I wanted to work in a space where my efforts would be contributing to something significant. Health care was the obvious choice.

What’s one example of a really difficult problem in health care that you are solving using technology?

I introduced cognitive technology in 2019, which is software that actually “reasons” about problems, “learns” from experience, “interacts” with the outside world, and “augments” human capabilities. We call that “computational cognition” and it helps us solve many difficult health care problems, not just one.

How are you keeping health care human while applying advanced technology?

We train the humans in being more “human” in the creation and application of advanced technology. If humans are more “human,” the technology they create generally is too.

What are you passionate about when you’re not at work?

I’m a track and field coach and I coach and still participate in the pole vault and high jump.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Travel more, both domestically and internationally.


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