A Coordinated Approach to Employee Health

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Man and woman having a discussion inside the control room

Synchronized solutions that improve health

OptumRx® synchronization takes data and technology to better support employees and their families, improving health care and lowering costs.

Getting to the heart of health care

Pharmaceutical spending accounts for a significant portion of health care spending. It also dramatically affects all other health care costs. When patients don’t take medications as prescribed, or don’t understand a doctor’s treatment plan, conditions go unmanaged.

We use data and technology to engage employees in holistic health care. We help members get the appropriate:

  • Provider
  • Care
  • Medications
  • Lifestyle management services 
  • Lower total health care costs  

This webinar includes case studies and insights into the future of pharmacy care services.


Doreen Bortel
Senior Vice President, Employer Solutions Optum

Brian Laird
OptumRx/BriovaRx, VP, Specialty Programs and Services

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