Tim Wicks

Executive Vice President


Over the past 18 years, Tim Wicks has held a broad range of executive leadership positions across UnitedHealth Group, including chief financial officer of Optum, president and chief executive officer of OptumRx, and various roles in operations, product management, business development and strategic relationships at both UnitedHealthcare and Optum.

Previously, Wicks was chief financial officer, and president and chief operating officer, of a Fortune 500 publicly traded transportation and logistics service provider. He has served on the board of two publicly traded companies as a financial expert and has held executive positions at Dell, Inc., Northwest Airlines and Bain & Company. In addition, Wicks co-founded a registered investment advisory firm that developed quantitative investment strategies for institutional clients.

Wicks holds a BA in economics from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business.

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So I had an accident in third grade that resulted in a pretty traumatic brain injury. Ultimately what it did is it caused the lower part of my face not to grow and develop the way that it should have. We needed to wait until I finished growing and then through a series of three different procedures, the lower part of my face was pretty much completely reconstructed. I fundamentally believe that people want to make the best decisions they possibly can about their health, but they don't have access to the information that they need. I think about the ways that we invest in what we do, whether it is in products, services, capabilities, data and analytics, to be able to make sure that we are armed, if you will, in the best way possible to deliver the kind of care we would want every one of our patients and consumers to be able to receive. When I think about what we do in local care delivery, we have an opportunity to really impact people’s lives. Think about a family who might spend 20 to 30 percent of their disposable income on health care. It's one of the fastest growing costs that any consumer experiences. It grows faster than disposable income by a pretty significant margin. That creates an opportunity to drive tremendous change in the system. Driving affordability, driving better outcomes, helping people engage in their health, helping them feel healthy, stay healthy, and to be able to live longer. We want that for everybody and that's really why we make the investments that we do.


Optum invests in our people, products, services, data and analytics to drive tremendous change in the health system.

Tim Wicks, Executive Vice President, Optum