Sheryl Skolnick

Executive Vice President, Strategic Relationships


As executive vice president, Strategic Relationships, Sheryl Skolnick focuses on strategic relationships and long-term strategic planning across Optum, while advancing the company’s thought leadership in the marketplace.

Prior to joining Optum in 2018, Skolnick worked for more than 30 years as a leading financial analyst and thought leader in the health care sector. She most recently served as managing director, director of research and senior health care analyst at Mizuho Securities USA LLC, where she covered the fast-growing health services sector, while building their equity research platform.

Skolnick also served as co-head of research and head of research administration for CRT Capital Group LLC, as well as in several senior-level research and analyst roles at a number of leading investment banking firms. She served as an economist at the US Department of Justice and US Department of Labor, and is a five-time Wall Street Journal All-Star Analyst.

Skolnick holds a BA, MA and PhD from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was an Olin Fellow.

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There is no more important mission in the world than fixing our health care system because of the meaning it has every single day for the people we serve. My role is leveraging the 30 years that I spent on Wall Street including being one of the first analysts to understand what Optum was before Optum was even named. What I saw was the development of an extraordinarily capable, broad, diverse, and uniquely positioned organization, beyond what I could even imagine in terms of its size and scope. Optum is on the brink of creating an enterprise that could fundamentally, absolutely, and permanently fix health care with the technology, the connections, the data, the analytics. Health care has been the disruptor killer for a long time, and the reason is that as much as we can automate, as much as we can empower the health care choices we make it's still human interaction. And scaling that human interaction, bringing the power of everything that Optum has down to that one point of a physician and patient making a choice that saves a life. What I'm hopeful that we will be fortunate enough to build is a health care system that supports health at the moment a consumer becomes a patient, we have the ability to guide that patient through what is today a very complex pathway through a much simpler pathway to the end state of best outcome, lowest cost, that we provide right care, right time, right place, right reason, right cost. And that's what we at Optum have an obligation to bring.


At Optum, we believe improving the health care system for those we serve is our most important mission.

Sheryl Skolnick, EVP, Strategic Relationships, Optum