Sir Andrew Witty

Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealth Group
Chief Executive Officer, Optum


Sir Andrew Witty was named chief executive officer of UnitedHealth Group in February 2021, in addition to his role as chief executive officer of Optum. As UnitedHealth Group CEO, Sir Andrew is responsible for the strategic direction and overall performance of the enterprise and its long-term growth agenda. He is also a member of the UnitedHealth Group board of directors. 

Witty was named executive vice president of UnitedHealth Group, and chief executive officer of Optum, in March 2018 and previously served as a UnitedHealth Group company director. 

From 2008 to 2017, Witty was chief executive officer and a director of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK). He joined GSK in 1985, and prior to being named CEO, served as president of GSK Europe. 

Witty is former chancellor of the University of Nottingham, a British public research university, and serves on the Singapore Prime Minister’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council. Witty became Chair, Imperial College Business School Advisory Board in November 2020. Between April and December 2020 Witty took an unpaid leave as Special Envoy at the World Health Organization, co-leading the effort to accelerate responses to COVID-19. 

Witty was knighted in 2012 for services to the U.K. economy. In 2017, he was named an Honorary Citizen by Singapore for his contributions to the country’s growth and development. He holds Honorary Degrees from Exeter, Manchester and Nottingham Universities.

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Health care is really one of the great levers on human potential. If we think about how we as individuals, how we hope for our kids and our families for their future. What can really make a difference is having that good health or not. We all know people, many of us have had situations where we've seen those limitations enforced. It's not surprising because we're now looking at a situation where almost 20 percent of national income is essentially spent on health care. Just put that 20 percent into context. That's 20 percent of the next cup of coffee, it’s 20 percent of the next car that's built in America, gets spent on health care, and it goes up every single year.

That's why this is a mission worth embarking on. Because if we can change that financial pressure. It creates enormous economic capacity for the country and for families.

What it might mean to be able to get a treatment which they've been delaying. We know people do that. We know that people don't take their full dose of drugs because they split the tablets to try and spread the prescription.

More importantly, I think it starts to take away that stress and anxiety of worrying about what's going to happen if I get ill.

We’re seeing health outcomes in America, on the average, not delivering great experience.

And I think at Optum we have this extraordinary platform, very large scale, interacting with almost every provider and every hospital in America. Connectivity with around 90 million unique patient encounters every single year. That scale is extraordinary. If you layer on top of that the knowledge that we've been able to develop about the challenges of health care, so not only as we think about what is the next best action to get the best health care outcome, but which is the next best action that you're most likely to take.

We can be the company which starts to bring down the cost of health care while at the same time delivering great experience.

We need to be really focused on bringing those solutions forward.  

You know, helping make sure that somebody's child gets seen for the x-ray early or to make sure that a woman gets the treatment quickly enough so it makes a proper difference to the disease outcome. They then can access their full potential.

Those are huge contributors to a more productive society and frankly a happier one. 


Health care is really one of the great levers of human potential.

Andrew Witty,
Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealth Group
Chief Executive Officer, Optum