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Improving equitable access to health care

Finding better care options beyond the emergency room.


Why right-sized care matters 

The emergency room (ER) might seem like the best option when a health issue arises. But it really should be reserved for genuine emergencies. ER visits are more costly and take much more time than a primary or urgent care visit.

Help understanding care choices

Personal Health Support from Optum empowers members to find the  best care option for their situation. All it takes is a quick phone call to the phone number on their health plan ID card.

And we’re not sitting back and waiting for patients to reach out to us. We also provide education and resources to members who frequently use the ER, by:

  • Explaining all care options available
  • Providing guidance on costs
  • Sharing examples of the kinds of conditions that each care venue is best suited to support

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What will it take to make affordable, quality health care accessible to all?

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