Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding Platform

Improve accuracy, efficiency and productivity

Optum™ Enterprise Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) Platform is a sophisticated technology that can help your hospital realize revenue gains by completing coding processes faster and more accurately, automating clinical documentation improvement, accelerating reimbursement payments and reducing administrative costs.

Improve workflows, coding accuracy and clinical documentation

Our proven CAC solution incorporates coding and reimbursement features, workflow tools, and a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program in one seamless solution to provide coders and CDI specialists all the information and tools they need to improve accuracy and efficiency.


  • Increase coder productivity by enabling coders to complete more cases in less time
  • Improve accuracy, reducing the chance of denials and rework while improving reimbursement
  • Improve CDI specialists’ efficiency by marking cases with high CDI potential
  • Enhance consistency by leaving less room for coder interpretation
  • Ease the transition to ICD-10 with Enterprise CAC as it scales easily to the increased specificity


Comprehensive Platform

Optum™ Enterprise CAC Platform offers coding and reimbursement, automated workflow and clinical documentation improvement modules. Together they provide a seamless user experience while strengthening consistency and compliance.

Optum™ Coding and Reimbursement Module

Our incorporated logic- and book-based encoder simplifies the coding process by providing easy access to clinical references, edits and coding and reimbursement tools needed to complete a case.

Optum™ CAC Workflow Module

Automate case assignment to coders and boost productivity for coders and managers alike. The automated workflow module eliminates steps in the coder process and aides in prioritizing cases with a high probability of CDI opportunities.

Optum™ Clinical Documentation Improvement Module

Achieve more detailed, complete provider documentation for more accurate coding, compliance and faster reimbursement. This powerful CDI software automatically indexes all inpatient records to identify and resolve missing or inconsistent clinical information before patient discharge. In addition, it automatically routes queries directly to physicians, enabling a complete, concurrent review that minimizes the time and resources typically spent with manual documentation verification. So coders have the information they need for accurate coding.