Revenue Cycle Management

Today's health care decision makers are tasked with determining how to advance from essential daily financial performance to the new care and reimbursement models of the future. These shifts are made more challenging when you include the ICD-10 code migration and the need to simplify the patient financial experience.




“We are seeing about $60,000 savings per year in labor cost and $40,000 savings per year in systems costs.”
—Shing Huang, Argus Chief Financial Officer

Read the 2013 HFMA Ed Report: Denials Management Strategy for ICD-10


Simplify the patient experience

Optum™ and Dignity Health created Optum360™ to put patients first in every step of the provider, hospital and health system revenue cycle. That means simplifying the registration, documentation, billing, and payment system so that patients can focus on care rather than worry about logistics or confusion.

Hospital Solutions

A holistic approach to financial improvement

Hospitals are reeling from financial and compliance pressures. A combination of bad debt, newly covered patients, changing reimbursement models, and the risk of denials in the face of the migration to ICD-10 place already slim operating margins in greater peril. It’s easy to see why more than 70% of hospitals are reporting a loss in revenue.

Physician Solutions

Improve life for yourself and your patients

The connection between physician and patient has always been important. Now, as reform and new payment models take shape, effective financial and administrative connections are more essential than ever. Whether you treat patients, manage a practice, oversee coding and claims or manage the support systems that make it all possible, we can help you manage and enhance the connections most vital to your practice’s healthy performance.