Optum360™ coding resources have helped physician practices maintain efficient, reliable coding operations over 25 years of increased code complexity, the coder shortage and regulatory shifts. And now, with breakthrough technology that cuts through the complexity of coding and clinical documentation improvement, Optum360 can help your staff be more productive — and proactive — in driving financial results across your organization.

Computer-Assisted Coding

Tighten the revenue cycle with better efficiency and lower costs

Optum360 Computer-Assisted Coding helps physicians, billing companies and medical centers reduce denial rates, accelerate payments and prepare for ICD-10 so your organization can capture the revenue you’ve earned — even as the new code set takes effect. This powerful solution, leveraging Optum360’s proprietary and patented natural language processing technology (NLP), LifeCode®, accelerates your coding process by suggesting traceable, reimbursable codes, making it easier for coders to do their work efficiently and accurately.

Outsourced Coding Services

Overcome coder staffing challenges

When you outsource coding to Optum360TM, our team of experienced, certified and credentialed coders use Optum360 Computer-Assisted Coding and the Optum360 LYNX charging algorithms to keep your practice’s coding operations — and revenue cycle — moving smoothly.

Electronic Coding Reference

Increase efficiency with accurate content

Our robust suite of online solutions solves a variety of coding, billing and reimbursement issues — and they update automatically and require no software installation. Whether you’re an office manager trying to make your practice more efficient or a department head looking to streamline hundreds of employees at your facility, these online solutions can help.

Print Coding Reference

Optum360 has provided high quality coding, compliance and reimbursement resources for facilities for more than 25 years. And with new codes published every year, facilities need to operate with current coding resources to assure HIPAA compliance and prevent denied claims. Count on Optum360 coding resources and experts to keep deliver the information you need to code with accuracy and efficiency.