Critical Care Solutions

Make better decisions with a central documentation system

Critical care solutions support ICU clinicians with the point-of-care information they need to help make better decisions. At the heart of its solutions is a comprehensive ICU documentation system and automated, correlated flowsheets that collect, manage, display and store patient information for critical care units.

Optum™ has solutions to efficiently automate your ICU charting of treatments, care measures, and assessments to facilitate compliance with guidelines, standards and protocols. It is specifically designed to help improve record access and accuracy, increase time for direct patient care and reduce costs.

Further facilitating clinical documentation is the Optum Content Library, which delivers an integrated pre-defined library of recommended ICU documentation practices to accelerate quality reporting and compliance. In addition, a unique Quality Reporting Portal automatically collects ICU data and creates reports of quality measures, merging Optum data into a hospital-wide quality reporting system.

Providing a continuous clinical record that spans the preoperative clinic, operating room, recovery room and specialty adult or pediatric critical care unit, Optum solutions are fully integrated and allow that a patient’s progress is automatically tracked and charted from one critical area to another.

Manage the complex workflow of the ICU

Without an effective critical care information system, an inordinate amount of time can be spent recording data. Yet, despite all efforts, much of the important information needed to help clinicians make the right decisions may be unavailable or difficult to correlate. Optum™ has comprehensive clinical documentation and decision support system that manages the complex workflow of the ICU.