Health Information Exchange

Strengthen your HIE to stay successful and sustainable

Optum™ Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions power some of the most advanced HIEs in the country, playing a leading role in bringing together clinical information from all systems in a network quickly, accurately, and with the performance required for a successful and sustainable HIE.


HIE Core Framework

Protect your HIE and IT investment

Optum HIE Core Framework includes all the technology needed for health information exchange (HIE) including identity management, interoperability, consumer preferences, clinical results delivery, aggregation services, security and more.

EdgeServer Services

Protect your HIE and IT investment

Optum™ EdgeServer Services connect your organization’s interfaced health information systems to the Optum HIE Core Framework. EdgeServer Services maximize existing IT infrastructure investments by protecting facility systems from HIE queries, while maintaining the entity as the custodian of its data.

HIE Reporting & Analytics

Optimize your HIE data with reporting and analytics

Optum™ HIE Reporting & Analytics is a robust and versatile platform for developing complex reporting and analytic applications for health information exchange (HIE) environments and other networks of health care data.

Hosting Services

Reliant cloud services for your HIEs

Since 1995, Optum™ enterprise-grade hosting and technical operation services have been providing cost-effective and leading edge solutions for statewide, regional and hospital Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).

Image Gateway

Gain fast access to image-related patient records

Optum™ Image Gateway is specially designed to let any authorized physician or caregiver, connected to the health information exchange (HIE), gain immediate access to patients’ past and current X-rays, MRI, CT scans, and ultrasound images by using a single fully functional, zero footprint, image viewer.

Virtual Health Record (VHR)

Empowering clinicians with accessible health records

Optum™ Virtual Health Record (VHR) puts the power of information and collaboration in the hands of the clinician — enabling more accurate diagnosis, faster and more effective treatment, and better outcomes for the patient. With patient consent, health data from within and across health information exchange (HIE) networks is retrieved virtually, and aggregated, and displayed to physicians or caregivers.